Add-on Services

You may add any of the below services to your session:

(Please let me know which add-on services you choose prior to your appointment so they may be all ready for you.)

1) Back Scrub with steamy hot towel removal, $5

2) Foot Reflexology, 15 minutes- $10

3) Hand or Foot Scrub: Your hands or feet will receive a stimulating exfoliation scrub then wrapped in hot towels. Followed by hydrating cream and massage. 10 minutes, $10.

4) Peppermint Scalp Massage: Enhance your massage or facial with an additional 10 minute scalp massage with peppermint oil! Relieves tension, headaches, calms and soothes. $10

5) Body Cream Finish: Extra moisturizing body cream is applied to your skin in addition to massage lotion. Excellent for dry skin and during those harsh winter months! Add $5.

6) Full-Body Steam Treatment: Wonderful experience before your massage to relax cold or tense muscles via deep steam heat. 30 minutes, add $20.

7) Hot Towel/Cold Stone Face Massage: Warm towels are placed on the face to stimulate circulation, then cold stones are used to reduce inflammation. The hot/cold contrast is a tonic to the skin. An excellent treatment for sinus, headache, TMJ issues. Available as a 15 minute add-on for $15 or 30 minute service for $25.

8) Wax Treatment (non-paraffin): Both hands or both feet, add $10.

9) Honey Face Treatment, add $10, 15 minutes.

10) Hot Stones to the Back: Hot stones are massages on the back to gently warm the muscle tissue in preparation for the back massage. Add $5, 5 plus minutes.